Social Networking for Educators Survey
I am currently completing my Master of Education (Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovation) with a subject titled 'Social Networking for Information Professionals' and as part of our first major assessment we were required to develop a social networking plan to help connect educators in a particular field. I chose to create a 'NSW Biology Teachers' group on Facebook for teachers of Stage 6 Biology to share ideas and resources.

As part of the project, I need to also analyse some data about the use of social media/networking sites that educators use to see how educators use social media as a whole and in particular those who chose to join my network.

Please, if you didn't join my network, simply answer the questions that apply to you in your use of social media/networking and then it will direct you to the end of the survey once those questions have been completed!

Thank you in advance :) Kelly

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Social networking sites provide tools for people to connect and collaborate online. Whether you are, or are not, a member of a social network, please indicate if you see value in using this type of technology in education for the following purposes: *
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Share information and resources with other educators
Create professional learning communities
Connect with peers and colleagues
Improve school-wide communication
Create groups to collaborate on projects
Learn about social networking and Web 2.0 tools
Receive professional development support
Find information on products and services
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