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In order to participate in a The Visionaries Programme it's essential that you have read through and agreed with our Terms and Conditions that you can view on our website. Please take some time to read through it.
By clicking 'Yes' below you confirm that you have read through and understood the Terms and Conditions agreement between yourself and Wayfinders 2018 CIC t/a The Visionaries CIC. *
To confirm your place we ask for payment of the full amount. Please use your last name as your reference when paying into the bank account below and drop us a quick note when you have made the transfer. Bank details - Name of account: Wayfinders 2018 Sort code: 08-92-29 Account Number: 65865332 Company Details:Wayfinders 2018 T/A The Visionaries CIC UK Company number: 11748205 The Visionaries CIC is not VAT registered. Thank you.
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