2017 Full of Graze Farm order form
Deposits can be sent to: 3440 Paintersville Port William Rd. Jamestown OH 45335
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100% Grass Fed Beef
Processing Fees included. Whole Beef $4.75/LB ($200 Deposit); Half Beef $5/LB ($150 Deposit); Quarter Beef $5/LB ($150 Deposit)
100% Grass Fed Lamb
Processing Fees paid to the butcher upon pick-up. Whole Lamb $5.50/LB ($100 Deposit); Half Lamb $6.00/LB ($100 Deposit)
Heritage Woodlot Pork
Processing Fees Included. Whole $4.50 / Lb ($150 Deposit); Half $4.50 / Lb ($150 Deposit) (weight based on hanging weight)
June Non-GMO Pastured Broiler Chicken - Whole
$4.50/lb whole
July Non-GMO Pastured Broiler Chicken - Whole
$4.50/lb whole
September Non-GMO Pastured Broiler Chicken - Whole
$4.50/lb whole
Thanksgiving Pastured Turkey (SOLD OUT)
$4.00/lb ($25 Deposit)
ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Deposits may be paid to Full of Graze Farm LLC. Send to: 3440 Paintersville-Port William Rd, Jamestown OH 45335
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