Creating a "Stellar" Volunteer Program
Please complete the following informal questionnaire about the current state of your Volunteer Program. Altruistically Yours, LLC desires to provide the absolute best service possible to move you one step closer to creating a "Stellar" Volunteer Program.
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How is your Volunteer Program Currently Run?
Is there a budget to support volunteer involvement (for developing policies and procedures, producing and disseminating recruitment materials, conducting background checks, obtaining training supplies, and hosting recognition events)? *
Is there a Volunteer Manager/Director or Community Resources Manager on staff and what are their qualifications for the position? *
Are policies and procedures in place to guide the organization in engaging volunteers and other community resources?
Does the Organization incorporate goals for involving volunteer resources into its strategic plan? *
How does the organization determine the best way to involve volunteers in meeting its mission? *
How are volunteers trained or oriented about their work and the organization? *
How are volunteers recognized for their contributions to the organization’s mission? *
How does the organization evaluate the overall impact of volunteer involvement? *
How many volunteers does the organization involve on an annual basis? *
Does the organization assess the performance and effectiveness of individual volunteers? *
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