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About the Books!
Consensual: Club Imperial 1
The door read: Tessa Saint.
The truth was: she was nothing of the sort.
Even the name was a lie.
Broken Bonds: Club Imperial 2
The door read: Club Imperial
The truth was: It could never hide all your secrets.
Emmy learned that the hard way.
Not Quite Juliet: Silver Soul 1 (A Club Imperial Novel)
One fateful night, by the grace of beer and peanuts, Morgan Kirkbride--the self-professed super fangirl of Silver Soul-- falls for the sexy rock god, Nick D.
Knots: Club Imperial 3
Kinbaku-bi–‘the beauty of tight binding’.

Dusty Rose is well versed in the beauty of kinbaku. Trained in Japan a rope artist, there is nothing more she enjoys than the feel of the silk rope running through her fingers as she binds her willing partners in the intricate patterns of her art. Dusty loses herself there, pretending her real life as Cece Robbe doesn’t exist.
Untied: Club Imperial 4
Sometimes, we need help to untie all the knots...

Everett Millhouse is dead.
Hannah Robbe is missing.
The Prima Domme of Club Imperial is the Prime Suspect.
Half-Soul: The Realm 1
Hell called to his soul, but his soul resisted.
Or that’s what Asher Terhune believed.

The Darkest Corners
The darkest corners hold the most sinful delights.
Anything for Her
Completely naked.
Austin Pepperdine took an instant shine to the pretty little maid who busted in on his nap. Temporarily taking over security at The Club for his ex-military buddy, he was exhausted most nights and often crashed in one of the empty rooms.
Which was how he wound up naked and pointing a gun at Dana.
Teach Me to Sin
Claire Roberts is one kinky f**ker.
She loves submitting, she loves being tied up and she loves being spanked. There is only one Dom at The Club that makes her come, and makes her come back: Master Maddox. But Master Maddox has a secret. One that will rip he and Claire apart, and rend his life in two--and Claire doesn't know how, or even if, she can help him.
Balance Point: The Complex
The Complex. A massive building for a massive experiment.
And a great place to hide in plain, untouchable sight.
Short on time, the Vampire John Smith and Climantra Agent Marindor must find her if they hope to find their balance point…
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