From Quake community to Bethesda.

First of all we happy that Tim Willits not a part of ID Software anymore. Thank you.

We are true and old Quake community from site ESREALITY.COM. We ask you to move SyncError (Adam Pyle) from current Quake project (Quake Champions) and future Quake projects forever. Because he made a lot of rude mistakes and enrages players. He does not feel that game and has no clue what this game about.

We don't know exactly who is the author of mistake (or wrong idea). But we know that SyncError was a big part of that incompetence ( like Tim Willits ). May be also it was Sponge (another member of Quake project who enrages players by his incompetent ideas).

It's important: We sure that Adam Pyle is good 3D modeler and we have no questions to his art skills.

We not mention a lot of details. Because there is no reason for that. No one in Bethesda has enough competence to check this. Quake is a special SPORT game.

So we suggest to move Adam Pyle and Sponge from Quake and replace them by competent in Quake persons ( we don't know, may be Zero4 John Hill). Or close Quake forever and do not enrage our professional community by your incompetence.

You can check the mistakes sheet if you want. Although many details here are omitted.

List of mistakes.

-Balance problems.

In sport game we appreciate balance and equal conditions for both players.

Balance between weapons, balance between champions, balance between spawn points on maps . etc.

Adam only copes with spawn points on maps! And it is hard for him, because wrong spawn point is a system problem since Quake Live! We still have terrible spawn points!

Wrong lightning gun, wrong tribolt, no grenade laucher, wrong machinegun, wrong rocket launcher, wrong railgun, wrong shotgun. etc. Every weapon is tuned(less or more) wrong.

Champions are also tuned wrong, this is not fair sport. And Adam can't tune them in the future! It's Mathematical problem. System of equations has no solutions!

-Terrible ideas for Quake Champions.

We don't know who is a author of these terrible ideas, but we know that all of these ideas not working, or influence badly on gameplay.

-Pointless game with numbers

In Quake normally we have 200 health points. Rocket Launcher can hit you with damage points from 0 to 100 (depends on distance between you and explosion).

Adam suggested to round off numbers from 74 dmg to 70, from 88 to 90. from 8 to 10. And 10 is minimum damage (1dmg rounded to 10, 2dmg rounded to 10 ) - is this a peak of his creativity?

The same change with health bubbles. Normally in Quake 34+25=59. But after Adam Pyle it becomes 34+25=50 or 60.

It's not acceptable in sport game and enrages players. Also such changes not influence on gameplay, and that fact enrages players even more, because they are waiting for real changes.

-Idea to make players laugh by changing numbers in different
game aspects (champions, weapons, hitboxes etc, game timers) from
0.5 to 0.5001
125 to 125.45649874

This enrages players when they are waiting for real game changes.

-Parkinson Lightning Gun idea.

Working worse than in Quake Live (1999 year game) and looks terrible!

- Idea to reduce search time of your opponent in matchmaking system.

They broke ELO\Glicko system which gives wrong rating to players. That means that matchmaking working now with very low precision. And it makes games when experienced player plays with beginner.

Also they not calculate Glicko\ELO in custom games and this makes all system of matchmaking even worse.

And each season they reset all ratings to make all ELO\Glicko ratings not valid again and again.

There is a right decision to reduce search time. But this team so incompetent, that even when decision was posted on bethesda forum for free they ignored it.

-Idea to simplify main Quake gamemode - Duels.

A lot of simplifications which are bad for sport game. Like playing chess on 6x6 board instead of 8x8. They should make 6x6 for kids and 8x8 for tournaments.

A lot of details and rage here, which we should miss.

-Many bad ideas with gamemodes

Such as Sacrifice, SlipGate, Unholy Trinity. and other mini modes.

A lot of details and rage here, which we should miss.

-Useless patches.

A lot of patches which not make game better, they make it worse or make nothing.

A lot of details and rage here, which we should miss.

-Bad rules for online and LAN tournaments.

Bad tournament brackets with big randomness factor. Like best of 1 rule or single elimination rule. etc.

-Ignoring competent players or incorrect implementation of their
free recommendations based on gameplay aspects.

This enrages community more and more with every patch.

Ok, you are not competent, but if you ignore pro players - you deserve to be fired.
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