Allen Technology Grant - Teacher Survey
Subject & Grade Levels Taught
Ex. 3rd Reading and Math
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Do you support implementing Chromebooks at the school where every classroom would have a classroom set of Chromebooks for 1:1 student use and learning? (Note: with plans to use iPads for PreK-2)
Do you support integrating Google for Education (Google Apps, Drive, etc.) into student instruction?
Rate your comfort level using Google for Education (Google Drive - Docs, Sheets, Forms; Gmail; etc.). (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest)
Would you be willing to participate in monthly training to learn how to integrate Google tools and Safari Montage into your content area?
Rate your comfort level for implementing Safari Montage. (1 - just getting started; 5 highest - ready to teach others)
To what extent does your school encourage innovative teaching practices? Innovation is generally:
In my school, teachers
How do you feel about implementing digital curriculum in conjunction with the Chromebook/iPad for student learning?
What type of technology training do you prefer?
Do you feel prepared for the classroom management of students with 1:1 Chromebooks for learning?
Are you familiar with the four critical areas for development of 21st Century Skills? 1) Collaboration and teamwork; 2) Creativity and imagination; 3) Critical thinking; and 4) Problem solving?
Do you feel like the school provides the support you need to integrate 1:1 learning (Chromebooks) in the classroom?
Explain why PLC/training is or is not beneficial to you.
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Do you feel like PLC/training time is beneficial to you?
Please provide additional comments or suggestions for 1:1 technology in the classroom, teacher training, teacher support, etc.
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