Mystery Diner Report
This is an optional report our guests can give to let us know how great we are doing or where we need to improve.
You can remain unknown if you would like or let us know who you are so we may follow up with you.
Either way we thank you in advance for taking the time for being a Mystery Diner.
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During your Visit did you visit did you spend anytime in the bar? *
If you did spend time in the bar how would you rate its atmosphere?
Were you told about the specials? *
Were you offered a drink either from Hostess Server or otherwise? *
What was your servers name? If you do not know, Can you describe her/him? *
How did you feel about the menu? *
What are those missing items? *
Did you order appetizers? *
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On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) How do you rate those entrees? *
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How long did you wait for those entrees? Did it seem reasonable to you? *
Did your server check with you after serving your entrees to make sure your food was to your liking? *
Were you visited by a manager, owner or hostess at your table just checking in on how your visit was going?
How was the cleanliness of the restaurant? *
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Were the lights on in the parking lot? *
Were the restrooms clean? *
If used restrooms please rate their cleanliness
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If this has been a second, third or fourth visit, can you say that each time you came in the place was consistent excellent. *
Further comments on consistency
How did you feel about the noise level? *
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Were you distracted by employee conversations either in dinning room or from back in kitchen? *
How likely is it that you will be returning to our place? *
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