TSOI Members
To join a magazine which aims at being a platform to enable you express yourself and to provide people with your solutions for:

1) various reforms on politics, economics, and social architecture
2) business innovations
3) culture & arts expressions
4) any anything else which does not fit within this list

Roles available

1) Editor:

a) Write once a week and edit it yourself before submitting it.
b) Edit the work of two other contributors/editors per week.
c) Share your work (after your work has been published) across all of your social media tag anyone who might be interested.
d) Attend a Skype meeting once a week.

2) Contributor:

a) Write once in two weeks and edit it yourself before submitting it.
b) Share your work (after your work has been published) across all of your social media and tag anyone who might be interested.

3) If you do not want to join the magazine team, yet would like to contribute, please mail your original and fresh work/ideas to thesymphonyofinsanity@gmail.com.

4) Your feedback (if constructive) is always encouraged.

If you don't have a Skype, a WordPress account and an about.me page, please ensure that you do before you fill this form.

Fill up this form and send a sample of your original and fresh (not previously shared) work with your ideas to change the world. And if you ever plan to do something like that, do it right now or you may never really do it.

Send your sample to thesymphonyofinsanity@gmail.com and we'll schedule an informal interview.

When we are certain that your re really interested in this adventure, we'll add you to our team. You will learn to edit if you are uncertain and you will learn to schedule your posts (after they have been finalized) using WordPress if you are unfamiliar with the same.

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