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A critical issue at the forefront of the health care debate is the high drug cost for seniors across the country. In order to alleviate the financial burden faced by seniors on a regular basis, we need common sense reforms that directly offset costs and ultimately reduce the prices seniors pay for their medication at the pharmacy counter.

Any savings from Medicare should be re-invested and allocated back to seniors. There are visible problems in coverage that our representatives should focus on expanding the low-income subsidy in Part D, capping annual out-of-pocket costs, and reducing the amount of copays seniors regularly face. Anything less would be counter-productive and at the expense of seniors.

We are joining the Protect the Promise coalition in calling on U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich and U.S. Congressman Ben Ray Lujan to safeguard Medicare and ensure provisions are available that ultimately cap out of pocket costs and safeguards against surprise billing.

Protect the Promise supports common sense reforms that create more affordability gains for seniors. Please continue to stand for New Mexico’s seniors and ensure that common sense reforms are protecting this population during these deliberations. Thank you for your continued leadership on this issue to create more affordability gains for seniors.
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