Mentor Training
Why Mentor?
You may have had a “guide” in completing your degree. Perhaps a friend gave advice at a critical juncture. You may have had a colleague at another campus who responded with wisdom to an email where you voiced a struggle. There are varying degrees of Mentoring from Coach to Pen Pal. We will call your role an E-Mentor and ask “Why Mentor?”
Dr Rob Koons, Philosophy, UT Austin, mentor to PhD students for 30 years, many through Grad Resources, says benefits:
a. refresh yourself in the basics of academia as you instruct another
b. maximize those skills you’ve acquired by passing them along
c. create personal synergism by having a partner brainstorm solutions
d. gain new perspectives helpful as a faculty advisor
e. feel good about contributing to another’s success
Add value to your past struggle by investing in others your wisdom, experience and empathy. It is your turn to assist others who need your perspective.
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