Calderhead’s Giant Schnauzer Application
Wait list/ Application
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Name/ Address/ Phone # (must add phone so we can contact you when puppies arrive). We give people 48 hrs to  secure their spot after pups are born before moving down the list. Being on the waitlist gives us permission to call, text or email you with updates. Please let us know if and when you want to be removed :) *
Have you done research on Giant Schnauzers and their needs?   *
Is this puppy going to be living with you? *
When are you looking to get a puppy?
What qualities do you like best about Giant Schnauzers? *
Why do you want a Giant Schnauzer? Have you ever owned a Giant Schnauzer? *
Are you interested in Male or Female puppy?  Being flexible will give you a better chance of getting a pup sooner. *
Are you wanting Pet only or Full Breed rights? If you are looking for full breed rights please tell us a bit about you, your breeding history or if you are wanting full rights for showing.  Puppy prices as follows- Pet only $2300, Full Breed rights $3000 (rarely do full rights so please contact us as we have a strict breed contract) *
Living situation...Apartment, Condo, Home.  Rent or Own? Do you have a fenced yard?  GS’s need room to run and burn off energy. They do not do well as apartment dogs. *
Do you have kids? If yes ages? *
Giants are protectors, they are big and not aware of their size. Do you understand that with small children they as well as the children have to be taught respect for one another and continuous supervision? *
Who will be caring for the dog primarily? Where will the dog be when you are not home? How often will he/she be left alone? *
Will the dog be inside or outside dog? Our dogs are to never be on a chain or dog kennel. They need room to run. Do you agree? *
Do you have other pets? If so please list type, sex, age, breed *
Have you ever sold, turned over to pound, lost an animal? If yes please explain *
Do you understand that Giant Schnauzer puppies from Calderhead’s Giant’s must be enrolled in a puppy class  or similar training? *
Do you understand that pet only puppies will be on a spay/neuter contract and copies of registration will be provided but originals will be kept until proof of spay/neuter is provided? *
Have you ever been convicted of animal abuse, violence, hoarding, puppy mill? *
Do you agree to returning the dog to Calderhead’s Giants should you ever be in the situation to not being able to care for properly or keep them?
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All puppies will be fully vetted per age requirement, microchipped with owner and breeder info, come with 1 year health guarantee, purina puppy kit, toy, blanket and 247 access to us for questions/advice. *
Deposits will be accepted when pregnancy is confirmed via ultrasound. Wait list entries  are date and time stamped. 1st and 2nd pick go to stud and dam owners if choose to keep any.  We have the right to refuse or return deposits at anytime if we feel it isn’t a good fit for one of our puppies. *
Please provide a Vet reference and a personal reference. We do everything we can to ensure our puppies go to the best of homes. Thank you for understanding.  *
Thank you for filling out the Wait list / Application. Keep an eye on our website and we will let you know when puppies are here. - Calderhead’s Giants
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