The Value of Waterfowl Research
This is one of two short surveys to canvass the waterfowl community on the perceived need and value of research on waterfowl and wetlands. Here we are referring to research of any kind and by any group (a companion survey focuses on research at academic institutions). Thanks for your help.
1. Please indicate your primary affiliation
(Check more than one if appropriate)
2. On a scale of 1-5, rate the importance of research on waterfowl and their habitats
Very important (critical to all that we do)
Not important at all (unnecessary)
3. How would you rate the value of applied versus basic research?
(1 - applied research more valuable, 5 - basic research more valuable, 3 - equal value)
Applied (management oriented)
Basic (fundamental biology)
4. Research is needed most in the following areas:
(Check all that apply)
5. Of the above, what area of research would be your top priority?
(Check one)
6. In your opinion, has the QUALITY of research changed over the past 10 years?
(e.g., relevance, degree of rigor, contributions to knowledge or management, etc.)
7. In your opinion, has the QUANTITY of research changed over the past 10 years?
(e.g., number of studies/publications, duration and scope of studies, number of topics)
8. Has the ability to conduct important research been limited or constrained?
9. What factors limit the ability to get research done?
(Check all that apply)
10. Of the above, what do you feel is the most significant constraint?
(Check one)
11. Do we need to increase, maintain or decrease research capacity?
12. What mechanisms might enhance the ability to conduct critical research
(Check all that apply; please add others and provide comments)
General Comments
Please add any additional thoughts or suggestions. Thanks very much for your input.
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