Paralegal - Employer Survey
The Illinois Central College Paralegal Programs would request your assistance in evaluating our Paralegal Programs. In order to do so, we need you assistance in evaluating the program via the graduates and their employers. We would appreciate if it you could complete this short survey on the ICC paralegal graduate/employee. Your responses are completely confidential. Thank you in advance in helping us to continually improve our programs!
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What is the name of your firm? *
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How many lawyers are employed by your firm? *
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How many paralegals are employed by our firm? *
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How many of your present paralegals graduated from the Illinois Central College Paralegal Programs? *
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What areas of law practice/specialization does your firm engage in? (check all that apply)
What are the minimum educational requirement in hiring paralegals? *
Does the above educational requirement need to be American Bar Association Approved?
Do you also require work-related experience or skills in hiring paralegals? *
How frequently do the paralegals in your firm perform the following job functions? (it is understood that any and all of these job functions are done under the supervision of an attorney) *
Very frequently
Very infrequently
Interviewing clients
Drafting pleadings (including subpoenas, summons, etc.)
Communications with clients (e-mail, phone, letter, etc.)
Maintaining client files
Scheduling (appointments, depositions, etc.)
General clerical tasks (filing, copying, etc.)
Doing legal research
Drafting discovery
Please add any other job functions not listed above. *
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For the skills listed below, please rate the preparedness of the Illinois Central College Paralegals employed by your firm. *
Very Good
Communication skills (both written and verbal)
Knowledge of legal treminology
Judgment and analytical ability
Understanding of the Code of Professional responsibility and Model Rules of Conduct
Ability to work with clients
Ability to work with legal professionals
Knowledge of substantive law
Knowledge of procedural law
Technical/Computer Skills
Research skills
Are there any other skills not mentioned above? *
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What ways does your firm recruit paralegals? (Check all that apply) *
Does your firm use paralegals as interns? *
Please indicate below the benefits that you provide for paralegals in your firm. (check all that apply) *
What is the average compensation paid to paralegals in your firm? *
What is the typical office of a paralegal employed in your firm? *
What is the secretarial support for the paralegals in your firm? *
Any other comments you wish to add for the College's consideration? Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey and helping us to continually improve the ICC Paralegal Programs! *
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