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Presented by Parkland Pentecostal Church! Please fill out the form below to register your family for our program.
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We Respect Your Safety.
We want to respect your safety and your desired level of isolation. When you register, you can select either to receive a box with printouts and some materials from our church (If you live within Marathon!), or you can elect to use our 'touchless' method where we will deliver all teaching materials online - no physical contact required!
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We would love to tailor the experience a little bit to your specific children, so they can receive things by name. So please - tell us below the names and ages of your children!
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We hope to put a little package together addressed to your child(ren) for them to unpack! If you will be in and out for the summer, we can deliver it all at once. Otherwise, we'd love to drop a little something on your doorstep the same time every week through the 5 week program - we think your kids will love it!
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