AMD RYZEN 3000 Boost Clocks
Detailed instructions can be found in my videos:


Before you start testing please go to your BIOS and load optimized defaults. Don't touch any options like PBO or OC settings.

1.Please make sure your Windows is running the latest version
2. Make sure you install the latest AMD Chipset driver (
3. Download Cinebench R15 ( and HWINFO (
4. Run both applications and make sure to run Sensors only for HWINFO
5. Set HWINFO to update every 500 ms
6. Disable unnecessary monitoring Items (HDD, GPU, RAM...)
7. Close all applications except for HWINFO and R15 (also close CPU-Z, anti virus, browser...)
8. Select Advanced Test in Cinebench R15 to enable and run the single threaded test (1T)
9. Note down the max frequency of your CPU during the test (LOAD!)
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