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Vocalize Columbus is a growing organization led by students at The Ohio State University striving to improve access to free medical interpretation services for Columbus free clinics. We are in the process of recruiting volunteers for remote medical interpretation or to help run our organization.

We appreciate you filling out this form to help us gauge interests!


Q: What are the benefits of volunteering with Vocalize Columbus?
A: While serving a community in need, students will will gain volunteer hours and acquire first-hand experience in patient care.

Q: What exactly is "medical interpreting" and how is it "remote"?
A: The language barrier can often hinder effective physician-patient communication. Medical interpreters alleviate this challenge and improve health outcomes by acting as a mediator between the healthcare team and patients. Remote interpretation allows trained interpreters to provide this valuable service over video platforms like Zoom and have flexible scheduling.

Q: My pre-health/pre-med advisers have mentioned that I need to get “clinical experience” or “clinical exposure” before professional school. Does this experience count as clinical volunteering?
A: Yes! serving remotely as a medical interpreter can apply as clinical volunteering. Interpreters have the opportunity to interact with patients and healthcare professionals, not to mention that telemedicine has expanded significantly during the pandemic.

Q: Is volunteering with Vocalize Columbus open to students of all academic backgrounds?
A: Yes! All students hoping to contribute to our mission are welcomed to join our team. The skills learned from serving as a medical interpreter can prepare you for a variety of careers.

If you would like to learn more, visit: https://vocalizecolumbus.com/about-students/
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