Online Petition Opposing PG&E's Proposed Community Choice(CCA) Exit Fee at the CPUC: "Don't Double PG&E's CCA PCIA!"
12/17/2015 petition - California Public Utilities Commission should REJECT PG&E's CCA exit fee (Application 15-06-001). - organized by Paul Fenn, creator of CCA
Petition created by Paul Fenn, creator of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)
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Dear CPUC Commissioner, my community is one of many pursuing a Community Choice Aggregation in California. CCA programs present the greatest opportunity ever available for meeting our communities’ climate action goals. The doubling of the PCIA proposed by PG&E in Application 15-06-001 would compromise the viability of these programs. PG&E has a long history of trying to block CCA - first spending 50$M on Proposition 16 in 2010 to trick voters into requiring voter supermajority approval - then several attempts in the legislature, most recently AB2145. Both measures failed to win approval democratically, but now PG&E is seeking to bypass the public and get CPUC approval to make CCA unaffordable. We urge you to reject PG&E’s proposed increase in the PCIA and stand up for a community's right to choose clean power in California.
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