2020 Mod Squad Sign Up
This sign up is for anyone who is interested in becoming part of our 2020Mod Squad Team. Please read the 2020 Mod Squad Information for it is a brand new set up then in the past years. I am super excited to meet each and everyone of you!
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What drew you to Creative Studios Photography and this model team? *
What would make you the perfect Creative Studios model, and how would you get the word out about my studio and other seniors who are looking for their senior photographer? *
Please tell me if someone referred you, or where you heard about my program! *
We will have a formal meeting with deposits due on March 25th at 7:00pm. A parent is required to attend as well. Can you make it? *
Show me your Selifie! Attach a recent close up photo of yourself (should not be professional a snapshot is fine!)
As part of the model selection process, models must sign up and pay their model fee (which includes your senior session retainer of 50% of Embellished Package) and sign your model agreement by March 25th * I understand that as a senior MODEL for Creative Studios Photography I will be required to sign a model release and book my personal senior session with Creative Studios Photography. I agree that if accepted, I cannot be a model or rep promoting any other studio or photographer, during my senior year, and I cannot have senior photos taken by a photographer other than Creative Studios Photography. (This only applies to senior photos, and does not apply to required school or sports photos, or other types of family photos) *
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