2020 Charm City Comedy Festival Submission
Welcome to the application form for the 2020 Charm City Comedy Festival! Our fest runs from April 29th - May 3rd for improv and sketch, and from May 6th - 10th for standup comedy. Please make a note of the dates you apply for, and hold those dates until you hear from us.

PLEASE fill out all required fields and complete BOTH steps of the application - *Submission Form and Paypal Payment.*
IF FOR SOME REASON you cannot use Paypal, please email us at charmcitycomedyproject@gmail.com for info on how to send via Venmo, check, or cash. Once you complete both parts of the application - and only then - will you receive a submission confirmation from us. **Please be patient. We must review all parts of your application before contacting you.** PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THE APPLICATION UNTIL YOU HAVE ALL PARTS READY FOR SUBMISSION. Thanks!

Our submissions will be open from January 4th through March 4th. A completed submission does not guarantee you a slot in the festival. Submission fees are not refundable. Feel free to email charmcitycomedyproject@gmail.com with questions and concerns about the process.

All shows will take place at the Charm City Comedy Project, in residence upstairs at Zissimos Bar. This venue is not wheelchair accessible - the only way in is to climb a flight of stairs. Please note that the performance area is approximately 9' x 11', so this space may not be sufficient for very large groups or groups that need a lot of playing space.

Step 1 - Act Application Information
Act Name *
Enter the name of the individual or team applying to perform.
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Act Type *
Enter the type of performance you're applying to perform.
If Act Type is 'Other,' please specify here:
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Act Duration *
Enter the length of your act here. Please note these are the usual assigned lengths per act type.
If Act Duration is 'Custom Length,' please explain here:
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Act Size *
Enter the number of performers (a numeral) here.
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Act Cast List *
Enter the names of the performers who will be performing at the festival as a list, separated by commas. Though this list may change, we ask that you only list the names of those who are confirmed at this time. You MUST contact us later at charmcitycomedyproject@gmail.com if your cast list changes at any time.
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Act Home Theater
Enter a home theater for your act, if any. This means a theater that your act technically represents...not just a venue at which you perform frequently. If you don't have one, no worries! Leave it blank.
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Act Description (for Submission) *
This is a description of your act for us, the festival promoters. Tell us anything you'd like us to know about your origins, cast, format, style, or credits. We will use this internally to get a sense of what the show includes.
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Act Description (for Public and Press) *
This should be a description you would put on a flier or press release for your act. We will use this for the 'acts' section of our website, so a little effort will go a long way towards getting people interested in attending your show! *Please provide at least a couple of sentences.*
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Link to Act Video *
Enter the URL to a video of your act that is hosted online. If you have no video hosted online, you may email us a file immediately after submitting...but a video is REQUIRED for all submissions. *Please test the link before entering to ensure that it works, and that there are no privacy settings.* Contact charmcitycomedyproject@gmail.com with questions.
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Link to Act Photo *
Enter the URL to a photo of your act that is hosted online. **If you do not have a cast photo, you may submit a logo, but a photo is REQUIRED for all submissions.** The photo should be large enough to showcase your act, and be as high resolution as possible. Please test the link before entering to ensure that it works, and that there are no privacy settings. IF YOU CANNOT HOST AN IMAGE ONLINE, send your photo or logo to charmcitycomedyproject@gmail.com.
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Act Contact Information
Please enter the contact information for the person who will be communicating for your act. Please make sure to use an email address that is checked frequently. Please double check all info for accuracy before submitting. **If your contact changes at any time, please let us know.**
Contact First and Last Name *
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Contact City (Act Home Base) *
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Contact State *
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Contact Email Address (Please Check Spelling) *
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Backup Contact Email Address (Please Check Spelling)
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Contact Cell Phone Number *
This will only be used for urgent communications and last-minute updates or changes.
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More Important Information (Specific Circumstances We Should Know)
Performance Availability Information
***If your act has limited availability during the time of the festival (times and/or days), note it here at this time.*** IMPROV AND SKETCH WEEK IS APRIL 29TH THROUGH MAY 3RD, AND STANDUP WEEK IS MAY 6th THROUGH 10th. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE DURING THE WEEK/WEEKEND DEDICATED TO YOUR ACT TYPE. If our scheduling needs only allow us to schedule your act at a time that you are not available, we may need to disqualify your act. PLEASE read all requirements and make sure you are within the guidelines. There are no refunds of your application fees if your availability changes.
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Travel Availability Information
***If your act is coming from a neighboring state or another part of the country, please confirm below that - if accepted - you are able to travel to Baltimore, provide your own lodging if necessary, and keep your commitment to the show you are assigned. We do not reimburse for travel or lodging. If you require multiple performance slots in order to justify your travel, PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THAT HERE. Depending on the strength of your submission, we will consider assigning you multiple slots.
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Technical Needs (Sketch Teams Only)
Enter any additional information you'd like us to know regarding technical needs for your sketch act. Please include info on whether you plan to bring a tech person to run your cues, or if you need us to provide one. WE DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A SCREEN AND PROJECTOR SETUP for filmed sketches. Our apologies. YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE AN ELECTRONIC TECH SCRIPT FOR CUES, AS WELL AS ANY SOUND CUES IN AN EMAIL at least two weeks before your performance - so please be prepared! Ask any tech questions here.
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Technical Needs (Standup, Improv, Other)
Enter any additional information you'd like us to know regarding technical needs for your act. If we do not have the structure to support your tech needs, we may need to disqualify your act. A microphone, music system, and speakers will be available. We do NOT do entrance music for acts. WE DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE A SCREEN AND PROJECTOR SETUP for movie-based acts or powerpoint presentations. Our apologies. WE ALSO DO NOT OWN A KEYBOARD OR ANY OTHER INSTRUMENTS. If you are a musical team, you will need to bring your own instruments. Ask any tech questions here.
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Questions and Notes
You may enter any general questions you have in this space, and we will respond via email. This is also the place to note if you have space or accommodation concerns.
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Step 2 - Remit Submission Fee
Pay Submission Fees! *
**Your application is not complete AND WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED until you submit your application fees.** Please do this as soon as possible after completing this form. Fees are currently $15 per act, and will increase to $20 on February 4th. *If you are paying under someone else's name, please make a note as to which name you will be paying under, and which act to associate the payment with.* PLEASE MAKE YOUR CHOICE NOW!
Open A New Tab To Send $15 In Fees Via Paypal!
Open Paypal link! ***COPY THE BELOW LINK OR CLICK TO OPEN PAYPAL IN A NEW WINDOW BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS FORM.*** Please make a note below if you are paying under a different name than the one on the rest of the submission. paypal.me/charmcitycomedy
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