Vietnam Track Join Us 03/2018 - Group 1
This is the application form for Web Writer, Facebook Writer, and Marketing.

1/Web Writers (writing articles of 500 words above, in English)
2/Facebook Writers (writing short paragraphs of 50 words above, in English)
3/Online Marketing (SEO, making a plan to develop website and social media)

***Deadline: 7th April 2018

***The application form for Design&Production, Web Developer and Language Exchange Team is here:

Thank you for taking your time. We hope to see you at the next round.

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9/ How many hours in a week do you think you can spend for Vietnam Track? *
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10/ What makes you be proud of being a Vietnamese? (min 50 words, in English) *
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11/ What less-known aspects of Vietnam would you like to introduce to international friends? Why? (min 100 words, in English) *
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12/ What are your motivations of joining us? (Why do you want to join us? What do you expect from us?) (min 50 words, in English) *
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