Wooting one Game Compatibility
This is a form to record the Wooting one compatibility for different games. Whenever you've tested a game, you can add it to the list through this form.

To see the total list see: https://goo.gl/FXo9bQ
Save this form somewhere: https://goo.gl/forms/nsLtcIDoxORK3fNo1

If you made a mistake, please fill in the form again and add it in the comment. We will organize double entries and mistakes time by time from the total list.

TBD = To be determined
N/A = Not Applicable (In some situation you don't need it)
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Username *
Game Title *
Full name, avoid abbreviations if possible.
Xbox Controller (Xinput) *
Does the game support a Xbox controller ?
Joystick (Direct input) *
Does the game support a Joystick? At this moment, Wooting one does not have Joystick support. Please leave this on TBD if you haven't tried it with an actual Joystick yet.
Can use Xinput & Keyboard & Mouse at same time? *
Does the game allow you to use a controller, keyboard and mouse at the same time? I.e. Wooting one is recognized as a controller (Xinput + keyboard). If you turn on digital keys in the analog mode, you can still use it as a keyboard.
Aim assist interference *
Some games have Aim assist for the right analog stick. When you use mouse and controller at the same time, the Aim assist might still be present. If it's present,  please check in the menu if it can be toggled off.
Analog Rating *
How would you rate playing analog in this game? Some pointers: 1. How well is it supported by the game? 2. Does it add to the total experience? 3. Is it controllable to a usable scale?
Utterly useless
Extremely Awesome
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Any weird things, special instructions or elaborate on an answer above.
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