Partner Selection Application
🟡 If you:

- Are an educational nonprofit organization;
- Work with underprivileged high school students living in refugee camps, rural areas, or underserved communities.
- Need your students to have access to devices and internet and you would like to provide students with both.

🟡 Apply to become a partner!

How does this work❔

- We raise funds through our platform and donors choose to sponsor your project & country;
- We pay Internet fees for the duration of the students’ time at school and one more year after graduation.
- Unless needed otherwise, we transfer money right to the supplier and the supplier provides laptops to your organization.
- We transfer money for Internet fees every 3-6 months (unless needed otherwise).

🟡The local partner has to:

🟨 Laptops

- Identify students in need who qualify for our criteria.
- Find 3-5 local laptop suppliers and solicit prices. Negotiate the best prices for the budget models available.
- Finalize laptop order quantity with GI. Provide invoices for the laptop orders.
- Receive laptops from the supplier and distribute them to students.

🟨 Internet

- Find the best technology internet provider locally. (Listed by priority: Fiber, Copper, Wireless (WiFi) Community Network, 4G, 3G, Satellite).
- Provide Internet prices for each Internet provider in the area.
- Negotiate prices with each Internet provider. Build partnerships with the Internet providers. (unless agreed otherwise)
- Provide payment documents for every student’s Internet fees at the end of 3 months to receive the budget for the next 3 months.

🟨 Impact

- Help students fill out the surveys before providing them with laptops and the internet.
- Coordinate with filling the surveys 12, 24, and 36 months after students have received laptops to measure our impact
- Equip students with online guidebooks on how to leverage the Internet and the computer, links to the EdTech platforms of our partners and other educational resources, and provide educational and technical support to the students throughout their participation in the project.
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About Your Organization
Are you a nonprofit organization? *
A nonprofit or non-governmental organization with recognized legal status in your respective country
What is the name of your organization? *
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The name and role of the primary contact for *
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In which country/countries does your organization operate? *
Where is the primary geographic focus of your activities. Please specify the countries in which your organization operates directly and the countries in which your organization operates through partner organizations
Please tell us about your organization. Summarize the primary operations of your organization. *
How many beneficiaries does your project have? *
How many lives has your organization impacted? Describe separately your direct and indirect impact
Describe who your target beneficiaries are *
Age range, socio-economic status, communities they live in, etc.
Tell us about the organization founders and/or executives *
Please share a short bio and expertise for each key team member. If available, please include a link to each team member's LinkedIn profile page or other relevant profiles.
Why are you (the founders) doing this? *
Are there key partnerships or collaborations that your organizations has secured? *
What are your main sources of funding? *
Anything else we should know about?
How your organization works
Describe how you find and identify your beneficiaries? *
Let us know if you go through other organizations like local schools, etc. What documentation do you request as proof of students eligibility
What documentation would you be able to provide to document the status of the beneficiaries? *
Do the social services issue a document to certify their socioeconomic status, for example?
Partnering with
How many disadvantaged high school students (who match our criteria) do you have in your project who need laptops and internet? And how many will you be able to identify and connect to the internet per month during 12 months? *
Describe the exact project for which you need to provide an Internet connection for students in need *
The draft for your project description will be placed on platform in case we start our partnership. See the example -
Please provide links (google drive, dropbox, WeTransfer etc) of available photos and/or videos of the students who are involved in your projects *
Please provide the highest quality possible. Photos and Videos about students are critical for successful fundraising. We'll choose several photos to place them on our platform.
What are some of the biggest potential risks for starting this project and providing Internet and laptops for your beneficiaries? *
What type of documentation would you be able to provide to show that you have spent the funds on the resources and that the student has received the resources? *
Invoices, bank statements, delivery and acceptance certificates...
Please tell us everything you can about Internet coverage and local ISPs in the area where you would like to implement this joint project. *
Types of Operators, issues of coverage, Internet fees, etc.
What are the average internet prices in the country you operate in? *
Price for unlimited internet (Cooper, Fiber, Wifi-Community network) and Price for 1GB to 50GB for mobile (4G LTE) internet
Will you be able to pay for internet connection on a monthly basis for every student you connect within our partnership? *
What is average price of a basic laptop? *
A laptop compatible for fast internet browsing and learning (Possible configuration: 4GB Ram, 128GB EMMC or SSD, More than 1.1 GHz)
Will you be able to buy laptops, distribute them to the students and provide all the necessary documentations? *
Will you be able to find local photographs who would be willing to take photos of the connected students on the ground and provide us with their portfolio? *
Will you be able to help students fill out the surveys before providing them with laptops and the internet. And coordinate with filling the surveys 12, 24, and 36 months after students have received laptops to measure our impact?
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Will you be able to offer students technical and educational support throughout their participation in the project?
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How did you hear about GiveInternet? *
Please give us any feedback, comment, constructive critique we can use to make our organization better
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