BOMC Training Follow Up
Each time you present BankingOnMyCareer at a career event, staff training, etc we want to hear about it! Examples of activities we need to hear about include
• integrating site exploration into a school or program’s job preparation capstone
• a presentation at a community based career fair
• a training for local workforce professionals on viable solutions to help New Yorkers find jobs
• recruiters using the tool to direct jobseekers on how to prepare for work
• Career Counselors walking job seekers through the site

Have a different kind of opportunity? GREAT! Tell us all about it!

It's vital that we gather information on how the site is being promoted so that we may report out on the site's positive social impact and better understand your successes.
Please tell us about any future plans to present to audiences and/or integrate BOMC into workforce and educational systems.
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Please tell us about any past events where you presented BOMC.
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How many people did you speak to about BOMC?
If more than 20, approximately how many people did you speak to?
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Have another success story? We want to hear it!
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Are there any opportunities for follow up from this event where you may need our help or the support of a project partner, like an employer? If so, please tell us how we can best support you.
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Any suggestions for additional ways to promote BOMC? Are there upcoming events we should be aware of?
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Anything else we should know?
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