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Ruby's Summer School
*PLEASE NOTE that places are already full for this round of applications! You can still sign up for the waiting list, in case we have openings. By signing up here, you will also receive emails on our following camps later in 2016. Thanks for your interest!*

Yippee! Summer School is almost here. Please read this form carefully with your mom, dad, or other adult guardian, and fill it out to enroll to camp!

For this camp, we only have 30 spots available. If we get lots of applications, we will have to pick the 30 first enrollments only. That's kinda dumb, as we would like to have all of you join! But don't be too sad if you miss out this time – we still have a very special surprise for you in mind.

If you want to enroll with a sister or a brother, please fill out a separate form for each one of you. In the event that we run out of places while you are still filling out the second application form, we will still make sure all siblings get in :)

Please read the research-part below carefully with an adult. By registering to the camp, you give permission for us to take photos and videos, as well as ask some questions from you during camp days. Don't worry, we won't ask anything too hard! You can also always let us know if you don't want to answer a specific question. The material will be used for research and communications, like blog posts or sharing on Instagram.

Ok? Here we go!

What is your full name?
Your answer
What is your birthday?
When were you born? Remember to include the year!
Your answer
What languages do you speak?
Check the boxes on all languages you feel comfortable talking in!
What is the full name of your guardian?
This is your mom, dad, or another adult who takes care of you!
Your answer
What is the email address of your guardian?
Your answer
What is the phone number of your guardian?
Please make sure the number is one where we can reach your guardian during camp days, if we need to!
Your answer
What is your home address?
You will receive a small surprise by mail before Summer School starts!
Your answer
Do you have any allergies or other special needs?
Do you have any diets, medication or special needs we should take into account?
Your answer
Is there something else we should know?
Is there something else you would like to tell us?
Your answer
Do you give permission for us to collect information and take photos or video material with you in it?
While you can concentrate on playing and having fun at camp, we are doing research on things you learn during summer school. We at Hello Ruby are very interested in getting to know what you think is fun and what kinds of activities (play, being outdoors, building things..) you enjoy doing! We also want to know if you learn about technology, working together with other kids, solving problems, and things like that. We would like to ask you some questions during the camp, and to talk with you about the things you have learnt! There are no right or wrong answers to the questions, and you can always tell us if you don't want to answer or don't understand what we are asking. There are also some questions we would like to ask your mom, dad or other guardian. We will be taking a lot of pictures and videos, because we want to show other kids around the world the exciting things you build! These photos and videos will be used in communications and marketing, as well as for the research. Some of them will be shared in the Internet, on social media or our webpage. They may also be used in books or shown in presentations! If you would like to ask anything about the research or us taking pictures and video, you can send us an email at:
Do you want to go to Ruby's Summer School?
This one is for your guardian to fill in: I have filled this form with my child and agree for them to go to camp!
Please ask your mom, dad, or other guardian to read this question and check the box!
That's it! All you need to do now is click "Send" from below!
Thank you for registering! We will let you know as soon as possible, if you got in to Ruby's Summer School. In the case that we have more kids who would like to come than we have spots on the camp, we can take the others on a waiting list and see if there will be more spots available later during spring!
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