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Your  support  and  feedback  will  help  us  to  maintain  the  required  standards  of education. Here are some of the points to facilitate you in giving feedback about our students.
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How do you rate relevance of the courses in relation to the program? *
How do you rate the competence of the courses related to industry that are included in the program? *
How do you rate the sequence of the units in the syllabus? *
Rate the offering in relation to the specialization streams? *
How do you rate the allocation of the credits and contact hours (L-T-P) to the courses? *
How do you rate the offering of the electives in relation to the Technological advancements? *
How do you rate the courses which are skills related suiting to the Industry included into the programs? *
How do you rate the applicability of the domains and the tools used for designing the experiments in terms of existing practices in the Industry? *
How do you rate the experiments in terms of their relevance to the real life application? *
Rate the courses in terms of extra learning or self learning considering the design of the courses *
Ability of our student to contribute to the goal of the organization *
Technical/Professional knowledge / skill ability to manage / leadership Innovativeness *
Relationship of our student with seniors / peers / subordinates *
Obligation to work beyond schedule if required *
Overall impression about our student / students performance *
Suggestions for improvement
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