2022-2023 VEX賽隊付款回填表單 Remittance form
1. 繳費完成請回填以下表單,以利大會確認款項並收據開立。
    After remittance, please fill in this form for our billing and record.
2. 若收據需要分成多張開立,請分開填表單以利區分。
     One reply for one receipt.
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報名費用 Event Price
【2022-2023 VEX IQ Taiwan Open教育型機器人比賽】
  • VEX IQ Taiwan Open校際盃-國中組預賽
    Deadline: 2022/10/5

  • VEX IQ Taiwan Open校際盃-國小組預賽
    Deadline: 2022/10/6

  • VEX IQ Taiwan Open公開賽-國中組預賽
    Deadline: 2022/11/17

  • VEX IQ Taiwan Open公開賽-國小組預賽
    Deadline: 2022/11/18

  • VEX IQ Taiwan Open國中組冠軍賽
    Deadline: 2023/1/6

  • VEX IQ Taiwan Open國小組冠軍賽
    Deadline: 2023/1/6
【2022-2023 VEX V5 Taiwan Open 教育型機器人比賽  
  • VEX V5 Taiwan Open高中組預賽
    Deadline: 2022/10/19

  • VEX V5 Taiwan Open高中組冠軍賽
    Deadline: 2022/12/13

  • VEX V5 Taiwan Open國中組冠軍賽
    Deadline: 2022/12/16
匯款帳戶 Remittance information
  • 帳戶名稱 Account Name:中華資訊與科技教育學會
  • 銀行 Account With Inst:聯邦銀行 中和分行
  • 代號 Code:803
  • 帳號 Account No.:036108000833
賽隊號碼 Team number *
若填多個賽隊號碼,請以 "/" 區隔,並在後面使用( )標註各賽隊報名的賽事。
If paying for over one team, divide different team numbers with "/", and use ( ) to label the paid event.
e.g.  0011A (IQ校際盃-國小組預賽、全國賽-國小組預賽) / 0011B (IQ校際盃-國中組預賽、全國賽-國中組預賽).
付款者姓名 Contact name *
付款人須為年滿 20 歲的成人。
The contact person should be an adult aged twenty and over.
付款者電子信箱 Email *
付款者連絡電話 Phone *
匯款總金額  Amount of remittance *
匯款帳號末五碼 Account number (last five numbers) *
Fill in the remitter’s full name if the payment is completed by bank remittance.
匯款日期 Remittance Date *
收據 Receipt
  • 收據將於匯款後15個工作天內(不含假日)寄出。
    Receipt will be sent in 15 business days (excluding weekends or public holidays) after the remittance has been completed.

  • 收據品項會依照各賽隊報名的賽事條列,例如:0011A 賽隊 VEX IQ Taiwan Open校際盃-國中組預賽。
    The receipt would list  each team with the paid events, e.g. #0011A  VEX IQ Taiwan Open校際盃-國中組預賽.                                        
抬頭 Receipt name (個人請提供匯款人全名) *
統一編號 Tax ID number (個人請提供身分證字號) *
收據收件地址 Address *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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