Alaskan Klee Kai Health Survey 2016
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Dear Alaskan Klee Kai Owner,

We are dedicated to the health and welfare of these precious little members of our family, and are conducting this Health Survey of all AKK to determine the health status of these dogs. If all owners participate in this survey, we can better determine, what health issues are present in this breed, and what we need to do about them to improve the health status of the AKK. But we need your help to gather the best information that we can, for the sake of this breed.

We commend you for investing the time to provide this invaluable information to the Health and Medical Research Committee. This data will be vital to the future success of this breed by allowing breeders to make better and more informed decisions about their breeding programs as well as the health committee provide better recommendations to the Klee Kai community at large. Information will be gathered on genetic as well as acquired health problems. Please keep in mind that even a lack of any health issues for a perfectly healthy Klee Kai is also important for us to know when considering the overall health of the breed, so please submit that information as well.

Donations and AKKAOA dues make this Research Project possible. Thank you.

We want to capture health information, including genetic, as well as acquired health problems for all living Alaskan Klee Kai and all Alaskan Klee Kai born after January 1, 1989, including those who are deceased.

NOTE: Please Complete ONE survey for Each AKK you currently own; and each AKK you've owned, now deceased, but born after January 1, 1989. Answer all questions you can, but if you don't know the answer, answer unknown or skip it.

NOTE: If you co-own an AKK with another individual who lives in another household, the owner who has physical possession of the dog should complete the survey on behalf of the dog. This will avoid duplication of health info on the same dog.

This survey is voluntary and the results will be anonymous. No dog(s) nor breeder/owner will be individually identified in any report. Please encourage everyone you know who owns an Alaskan Klee Kai to complete this survey. We hope to have sufficient responses by March 1, 2017 to provide a preliminary report soon after. Results will be published in the AKKAOA Newsletter and on AKKAOA’s website following data compilation and analysis. The Alaskan Klee Kai community will benefit in many ways by your participation in this survey.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. At the end of the survey there is space to include any additional information or comments regarding the survey. If you wish to provide any additional documents, photos or reports, they can be emailed to The AKKAOA Health Committee at:
Basic Information
Breeder/Kennel Name of this AKK:
Your answer
AKK Name:
Your answer
Call Name:
Your answer
Purebred Alaskan Klee Kai? Registration Status?
Date of Birth:
If Deceased, Date:
Cause of Death:
Your answer
Spayed or Neutered?
What Age Spayed or Neutered:
Your answer
Height: A (withers) to B, Length: C to D
Coat Color:
If Gray/White or Black/White Coat, from front, what color outlines ears?
Are all markings symmetrical (except for stomach)?
Ears are strongly erect?
If ears are not strongly erect, please describe:
Your answer
Shape of eyes:
Left eye color:
Right eye color:
Frequency of dental care by veterinarian?
What dental care is provided in the home?
Full Dentition
Did your Alaskan Klee Kai have full dentition as adult, 42 teeth?
Total number of teeth before extractions:
Your answer
How many teeth extracted over time:
Your answer
Mask - A full mask contains 4 parts (dark color on top of head, lighter color over eyes, dark color under eyes, dark color down muzzle). For Split mask(White line between eyes and running down middle of muzzle) check Other and describe, such as 3/4 with split
Height at withers (inches) or answer in centimenters below.
Your answer
Height at withers (centimeters).
Your answer
Length (inches) or answer in centimenters below.
Your answer
Length (centimeters).
Your answer
Weight (lbs) or answer in grams below.
Your answer
Weight (kg).
Your answer
Tail long enough to touch back when up?
Is there a kink in the tail?
If there is kink in tail, was it there from birth or injury?
If there is a kink in the tail, indicate where it is located.
Dew Claws removed?
If "Yes" to Dew Claws removed, what age, if known?
Your answer
If known, how many dew claws were there?
Raised on what type flooring?
Your dog lives in:
Your water supply is:
What pesticides/chemicals do you use on your property?
Your answer
What flea/tick preventative brand do you use?
Your answer
Is your flea/tick preventative:
Do you use Heartworm preventative?
If you use Heartworm preventative, what brand?
Your answer
Is your Heartworm preventative:
If your dog has had a reaction to heartworm medication, what was brand:
Your answer
If your dog has had a reaction to heartworm medication, what was reaction?
Your answer
Has your dog ever had heartworm?
Please list any over the counter drugs your Klee Kai takes regularly.
Your answer
Please list any supplements or vitamins that your Klee Kai takes regularly.
Your answer
When free standing front legs are:
When free standing back legs are:
Has been cleared of Patella or Hip problems?
If "Yes" to cleared of Patella/Hip problems, by who?
Overall Health?
For Overall Health Grade, what factors did you consider?
Your answer
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