Leslie Intermediate School Parent Survey
We are seeking your input about your and your child's educational experiences at Leslie Intermediate School. We are asking that you complete this survey by February 21, 2020. If you have more than one student in this district, please complete one survey per each campus your children attend. Thank You!
I am a …
Is your child in any of these programs? (Mark all that apply.)
How many years has your child been at this school?
Communications are handled pleasantly and professionally.
Frequent communication occurs between parents, faculty and administration.
Parents are encouraged to share ideas for school improvement with administration and staff.
Parents are encouraged to support the instructional activities of the school.
Parents are given the opportunity to be involved in developing and reviewing the school’s mission and goals.
Parents receive good news about the achievement and behavior of their children.
Parents receive information when student achievement/behavior is below expectations.
Teachers provide me with suggestions on how I can help my son/daughter at home.
Teachers return phone calls promptly.
The principal is willing to listen to parent concerns.
The school uses a variety of methods to inform me about what is happening at the school.
I am encouraged by the teachers to discuss schoolwork with my child.
My son/daughter is able to complete his/her homework assignments with limited assistance.
Teachers set high expectations for student work.
Teachers tell students what they are expected to learn.
The administration and teachers believe my son/daughter can master the essential skills expected of all students.
The staff regards classroom instruction as the most important school priority.
An atmosphere of respect and trust exists.
I believe students are disciplined in a fair and consistent manner.
I believe the principal and staff are effective in managing student behavior on the campus and in the classroom.
I feel welcome at my son’s/daughter’s school.
Students are informed as to how they are expected to behave in school and at school activities.
Students are recognized for their accomplishments.
The school and parents work together to achieve school goals.
The School Improvement Plan is developed with teachers and interested parents.
This school provides a safe environment for my child.
What services provided by the school do you find help you to stay involved with your child’s/children’s education? Choose all that apply.
What services provided by the school do you find useful in helping your child/children be successful in their school work? Choose all that apply.
In what area does your child have the greatest need? Choose only one.
What student services could be added by the school that would further help your child/children be successful with their school work?
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