What should the JCP be doing?
If you want to help the Java Community Process (JCP) decide on the future direction of Java standards then please spend 5 minutes filling in this form. Standards exist to help users of the Java ecosystem avoid becoming entirely locked into technology provided by one vendor.

The JCP is the mechanism for defining specifications relating to Java. These specifications are called Java Specification Requests (JSR) and there can be multiple implementations, for example, JSR 315 defines the latest servlet standard and software such as Tomcat and Glassfish implements this standard.

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If you’ve not participated in the JCP what is the reason?
Participation can be as little as trying out a new JSR and emailing some feedback, it doesn’t mean just serving on an Expert Group.
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Standards defined by the JCP cover ME, SE and EE - we’re hoping to find out how much of each component you use.
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