Application to participate: Responsible petroleum management
Resonsible petroleum management: Course in Stavanger (Norway), March 16th - April 3rd, 2020.
Optional preparatory course, Stavanger, March 10th - 14th.
Organised by PETRAD on behalf of Norway's 'Oil for Development' programme.

To apply, complete and submit the form. You will then receive a link to a file which you should download, and which concerns preparations before attending the course.

You must also send the following as email attachments to:

> A letter from a senior official of your organisation of employment. The letter must:
- Confirm your association with the organisation;
- State that you will have a job there upon your return from the course;
- Recommend your participation at the course.

> A short essay (500-1000 words) written by yourself in which you share your thoughts on how your work can benefit from the course.

> A scanned passport copy.
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Do you apply also to participate in the preparatory course, during the week prior to the main course? (See explanation on web site. If you select Yes, you should explain in your submitted essay why you believe it will be necessary or beneficial.) *
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