Sharada Temple (SVBF-North / Detroit) Kumbhabhishekam Sponsorship
Dear Devotees, There are various opportunities to support SVBF during Kumbhabhishekam celebrations. Please select your choices of sponsorship and submit the form. After you complete the form, please go to and complete the payment.

May the Sharadamba and Acharyas bless with you and your family!!

SVBF is a non-profit Org. under Federal 501(3)C in USA (Tax-Exempt ID: 22-3359197). Your contributions may be tax-deductible

|| Sri Gurubhyo Namah ||
List of Sponsorships (July 8th - July 11th)
General Donation (any other amount)
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One day sponsorship
If you selected one day sponsorship, please mention the sponsorship you selected and the day. You will be included in the sankalpam on that day.
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Date (8th, 9th or 10th July)
Monthly recurring donation ($1a day / $100 / month, etc.)
If you would like participate in a recurring monthly donation offering, please indicate below, a volunteer will get in touch with you. Recurring donation devotees can pick a day (e.g. wedding anniversary, child's birthday, etc.) in a year for Sahasranama archana or other poojas as appropriate. Volunteers will give you details and sign-up form.
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Recurring donation per month
Please Note:
* Please note Kumbhabhisheka kalasha will be retained by the temple after Abhisheka (for use in other events)
+ Ganapati, Navagraha, Mrityunjaya, Avahanti, Purushasukta, Sudarsana, Bhagyasukta, Medhasukta, Srisukta, Nakshatra, Pavamana, or Sarvadevata homa
Sponsor's Sankalpa - information
Please Provide your Gothra, Sponsor's and other family members' names and Stars to be included in sankalpa (please limit to maximum of 5 members)
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Sponsor's (self) name and star
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Spouse's name and star
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Child-1's name and star
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Child-2's name and star
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Child-3's name and star
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Sponsor's Information
Please provide relevant details for our records and to send you receipts
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Phone number
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Spouse's Firs name, Last name
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Payment methods
If you would like to pay by check, please make the check payable to "SVBF" and mail it to: SVBF North, 26325 Halsted Road, Farmington Hills, MI–48331. -- OR --

Please call Dharmarajan (248 890 5451) or Shanthi (734 516 5562) and they will arrange to pick up the check from you in person.

If you would like to pay via PayPal/credit/debit card, please go to

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Total amount sponsored (via Check/Online) *
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If you pay by online, please note the transaction number below
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