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University Ninja is a new website that prides itself in providing information/tutorials/and howtos to college students around the world (well, we hope). Our goal is to find information that makes students' lives easier academically, financially, and even socially. Maybe you go to a school where they give free coffee every Wednesday or view free movies on Sundays. Maybe you know of some sort of glitch in the school system that you can take advantage of. If you have that kind of knowledge about your school, we are looking to recruit people to be a part of a larger plan of expanding the site to college specific locations.

If you like the website and you want to join a village of ninjas in tracking information down and sharing it, then you can start by answering the questions below.

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The website is still currently under major development. Primarily we are looking at schools in California for the meantime. If you are attending a school outside of California or the country, please go on ahead and submit your info. Will let you know as soon as we can bring your aboard. Thank you for your support!
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