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Deadline for submission is June 15th 2018!
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We will review the times and locations of events to maximize the spread of activity across the region, making sure nearby events aren't competing with each other. Upon review, we may suggest tweaks to your proposed times.
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Please let us know where the location for your event will be. If you do not have a location but would like to hold an event, please answer "yes" to the question below. We will do our best to match you with a venue.
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If yes, you may be matched with another organization without a venue.
We will be providing promotional materials ahead of the weekend to help spread the word -- brochures, postcards, posters and yard signs. We encourage our host sites to share these materials as much as possible! Please answer the following questions to help us accurately budget and create materials.
How many save the date postcards will you distribute to summer campers? *
Postcards will be available at the May Outdoor Action Team meeting or to be picked up from Green Umbrella
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How many posters would you like? *
General range is 1-10.
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How many brochures would you like? *
We package brochures in groups of fifty. General range is 50-500.
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We ask hosts to place yard signs in highly visible locations on their properties. The signs should be placed in a way that advertises Great Outdoor Weekend and marks the specific site of the Great Outdoor Weekend event.
How many yard signs do you currently have from 2017? *
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How many yard signs do you want to pick up for 2018? *
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Where would you like to pick up promotional materials? *
In order to deliver signs, brochures, etc. to as many people as quickly as possible, we have designated several pick-up locations throughout the region. Please pick one location from where you'd like to pick up marketing materials and signage. Materials will be available to pick up in early August. You will receive a reminder about your distribution site at that time.
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