East Gate Farms 2020 Shares
Thanks for buying local flowers! Our shares this year will feature 3 different focal flowers. Choose your favourite and enjoy for 3 weeks!
1. Tulips (May-June)
2. Glads (July-August)
3. Sunflowers (August-September)
In this form please provide us your name, address (if you would like delivery), and your preferred method of contact (phone, text, or email). Once we have your submission we will contact you with payment details and delivery/pickup information. If you select pickup please note that our pickup location is in south-central Edmonton. Prices are as follows:
1. Tulips $60
2. Glads $65
3. Sunflowers $50
Delivery is as extra $15 per share. If you purchase more than one share you will receive a 10% discount. Each share will last 3 weeks.
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I understand that flower shares are weather dependent. The farmer will do everything possible to produce a beautiful crop and to provide the best possible product, and if necessary, a substitution. I agree to share in the risks associated with farming a crop including bad weather, pests, and other unexpected calamities. I will not receive a refund and may not get all bouquets. *
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