West Side School 2016-17 Parent Survey
Please submit one survey for each child attending West Side Elementary School.

Note: This form will be made available to fill out online in English and Spanish. It is also available in hard copy.

1. My child is in the following grade (optional)
2. My child feels safe at school.
3. My child reports being teased by other students.
4. My child feels adults listen to him/her at school.
5. My child enjoys school.
6. My child feels comfortable talking with his/her teacher.
7. My child feels comfortable talking with the principal.
8. My child is academically stimulated and engaged in his/her classroom.
9. My child gets help and support with academic challenges when needed.
10. I speak with my child about what he/she is learning at school.
11. I talk about internet/technology safety with my child at home.
12. I check my child’s homework.
13. I check my child’s Wednesday Mail folder.
14. I feel comfortable contacting my child’s teacher with questions or concerns.
15. I feel comfortable contacting the principal with questions or concerns.
16. Students are held accountable for their behavior in my child's classroom.
17. I feel informed about what is happening at West Side School.
18. I feel informed about what is happening in my child's classroom.
19. West Side welcomes my participation in the classroom and at school events.
20. My student feels connected to West Side School.
21. I find the Wednesday "BobChat" parent newsletter helpful.
Please use the space below to explain any of your answers or add additional comments. (optional)
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