CTEC 2020 - Online Sign-Up Form
Classic Tetris European Championshop 2020 will take place online week 46 with finals 14th of November 2020.

Specific timeslots, rules and guidelines will follow as we receive submissions and get a clear picture of number of participants.

With an active pandemic all around us we have decided in the eleventh hour to take the competition online this year. Pushing the limits of Danish guidelines for holding events on location we might still be able to do a hybrid of live/stream with audience. But respectfully looking beyond the Danish borders we realize that at this stage of covid-19 it would exclude too many who want to compete on same terms. We believe CTEC 2020 is a growing and strong community that support each other and this year we will get to follow you all from screens and in the safety of our private homes.

All troubles aside: We look forward to take our event online and challenge our ways of competing. This might turn out to be a great add-on for CTEC looking forward.

We will solely be competing on Nintendo Entertainment System.

The sign-up form is designed and made public as soon as possible as we understand the concerns of a competition moving closer than the roof in the most challenging drought.

CTWC has been informed that we will follow their rules of competition as closely as possible.

CTEC 2020 Online has been met with understanding and support by the community with a special thanks to "CTP - Classic Tetris PAL". Thanks to everyone who supports us and to those who will join the team in the future. The team will be made official on the website once database and security is fully restored.

To sign up for competition, please fill out all required fields.

Questions can be directed to chrisstoffer@gmail.com (spelled with double s)
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Sign-up closes 6th of November 2020
To make sure we can plan the best CTEC 2020 online for the players who have signed up - we need to prepare and the option for sign-up closes Friday the 6th at 18:00 o'clock (GMT+1)
Submission Fee
CTEC is due to circumstances free to participate in again. This will hopefully help everyone who wants to compete while they also need to meet the given hardware requirements with a short notice.
Information about how to support CTEC will be mentioned at the end.
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