BME150L Computational Workshop Survey
How comfortable do you feel using computational tools now that you've completed this workshop? *
Very uncomfortable
Very comfortable
Do you feel more comfortable using computational tools than you did before the workshop? *
no change
much more comfortable
Which of the following process skills do you think you used? *
Whats the most valuable thing you learned from the computational tools workshop. *
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How can this activity be improved? *
Parts of this activity: Introduction, Starters, Gallery Walk, Focused Investigation, Testing Reproducibility, Presentations, Synthesis
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What did you like the most about this activity? *
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If there is something you didn't like about the activity please write it below. *
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Did you like the handouts for the starters? *
Rate the starters on how easy or hard they were. *
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too hard
Rate the starters on how slow or fast they were *
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Did you feel you had enough time for your focused investigation? *
Name and describe a skill or information that you learned from this activity and that you will use in the future. *
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