This survey encompasses questions regarding the fashion industry and the environment. The purpose is to gain information and understand the awareness of sustainable fashion. Some questions allow for multiple answers, so please check all that may apply.
What is your age?
What is your gender?
How often do you shop?
Which sentence best describes you?
When it comes to picking out outfits, you tend to buy:
How would you best describe your fashion style?
How well do you know your supply chain?
When shopping for clothing and accessories, what are the key items you look for on the products label?
Why do you look for the key items you mentioned in the previous question?
When getting rid of clothes, what do you usually do?
How concerned are you with environmental issues?
Have you heard of Eco-fashion?
What does sustainability mean to you?
Your answer
Would you be willing to pay more money for Eco-friendly clothing?
Are you aware of the environmental costs of clothing and cosmetic production?
Do you think environmental issues directly affect your life?
What motivates you to make ethically conscious decisions?
Your answer
What empowers you to select green/organic clothing items?
Your answer
How well do you think the environment can recover on its own from problems caused by humans?
How willing are you to change your lifestyle to reduce the damage that could be caused to the environment?
What percentage of your new clothing purchases are organic versus conventional chemical clothing purchases?
What are the tops three fashions brands in which you purchase clothing, shoes, accessories from?
Your answer
What are your favorite cosmetics or personal care products brands? For this survey, we're thinking about personal care products as anything you put on or in your body, like hair products, lotion, soap, etc.
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When selecting color cosmetics, what are the deciding factors? (check all that apply)
What are your concerns about sustainable apparel?
If organic clothing purchases dropped by 20% would that affect how much organic clothing you would purchase?
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How did you come across this survey?
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