Referral Assessment Form
This is the volunteer application form for volunteers with additional needs at Sutton Community Farm.

All information provided will be used to inform staff to better support the volunteer during their time on the farm. Data will be kept securely and access will only be given to the relevant staff working at the farm.

If you are filling this form in on behalf of the volunteer, please answer as if you were the volunteer, and be sure to include your own details in the referee section of the form.

If you have any questions about anything in this form, please email Sonia ( or call the Farm Community Phone on 07419 740754

As we are a small organisation with limited staff and volunteer capacity, we cannot always offer sufficient support to individuals with higher support needs. We assess this on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the volunteer, family members and/or carers, and we may ask that the volunteer comes with a support worker or family member, or attends another project that can offer more appropriate support.

It is for this reason that we ask that referrers give us as much information as possible about the person that they are referring, and that they are available to keep in contact with the Community Engagement Coordinator about their referred volunteer.

Please be aware that if we feel we are unable to offer adequate support to an individual we may have to ask that they are supplied with a support worker by the referral body, or we will be unable to continue supporting them at the farm.

If you feel unable to offer this level of follow-up interaction about the person you are referring please provide us with contact details of a family member, support worker, or another relevant individual that we can keep in contact with.

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Emergency Contact Details
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Health & Disability
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Referral Details
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Criminal Convictions
If you have criminal convictions you will need to complete a separate self-disclosure form.

All volunteers are asked to disclose any spent or unspent convictions during their application process. Convictions for fraud, violent offences, sexual offences or offences involving children and vulnerable adults will always raise concerns. All convictions will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Community Engagement Coordinator and the Farm Business Manager.

Sutton Community Farm is committed to equal opportunities for all volunteer applicants including those with criminal convictions, we are committed to rehabilitation and understand that there are a range of offences, some of which have no bearing on a person’s ability to participate at Sutton Community Farm.

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