Logan Square Quality of Life Plan: Employer Survey
This survey will help the Economic Development & Wellness Committee of LSNA's Quality of Life Plan get a better understanding of the needs of businesses and organizations in the neighborhood that are looking to hire or have hired in the past few months.
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What is the size of your business? *
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What percentage of your staff is full-time? Part-time? All part time *
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What number of your staff has been there for less than a year? *
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What are the education hiring requirements for entry-level position? (that do not require college degree). *
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What is a typical hourly wage for entry-level position (that do not require a college degree)? *
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Which of the following recruiting methods do you utilize? *
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Do you advertise available position in a language other than English? *
Do you require the following as a condition of employment? (check all that apply) *
How often to you encounter the following aspects of workforce readiness in your employees? *
Poor attendance
Poor personal presentation
Poor work ethic
Inappropriate use of cell phone/testing
Lack of workplace etiquette
Inability to follow directions
Inability to work independently
Is lack of dependable transportation a problem in employee retention? *
Do you expect to hire in the next 12 months? *
In the past 12 months, what percent of applicants have come from the Logan Square/Humboldt Park/Hermosa Neighborhoods? *
What of the following industries best characterizes your firm activities? *
What would you say in the number one obstacle your employees face in retaining their job? *
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How many employees do you have on staff that are from a marginalized identity? (i.e woman, trans, person of color, disabled) *
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