Demographic Survey
One component of the micro-grant is data collection for research purposes. Your participation in this survey is necessary to helping us with this work and required if you will be attending the workshops. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Thank you for your participation!
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How do you describe your current gender identity? *
What is the name of your farm? *
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What is the location of your farm? (Example: Minneapolis, MN) *
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Do you rent or own your farm? *
How many years have you owned or rented your farm? *
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How many acres is your farm? *
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Do you grow or buy your hay? *
How many pounds of hay per year do you grow and/or purchase? *
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What type(s) of fiber animals do you have? (Please select all that apply) *
What breed are your fiber animals and how many do you have? (Example: 7 Corriedale/Icelandic crosses) *
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Do you farm... *
Does your farm have employees? (We define an employee as anyone other than you or your family members) *
If yes, how many? (If you do not have employees, just write N/A) *
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Are your employees... *
How did you come to raise animals for fiber? *
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Anything else you'd like us to note?
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