Canadian Climbing Survey 2020
DISCLAIMER: All survey data is collected anonymously. No names or directly identifying information are being requested as part of this survey. Once compiled, a report will be published by Gripped Magazine. Please address questions or concerns to:

INSTRUCTIONS: Please read each statement or question carefully before responding to it as accurately and honestly as you can. Survey results will depend on the quality of your responses.

The survey is separated into 10 sections for the purposes of analysis. Total completion time is estimated at 20 minutes. Please follow the instructions provided and answer all questions which apply to you. Please make sure to hit the SUBMIT button at the end of the survey (Section 11) to ensure your responses are included.
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Prior to COVID-19, which climbing gym(s), if any, did you climb at?
Please select all roles which apply to your involvement with climbing:
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Please select the option which best reflects your employment situation since the COVID-19 lock down began (March 19th). *
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