#XPLAP Adventure Quest
Welcome to the #XPLAP Adventure Quest. With the use of twitter and Explorelikeapirate.com we will have a series of Trivia type questions. Each week 1 question will be asked within the Chat. Additional points can be had by those die hard fans by going to explorelikeapirate.com and finding more Adventure Quest Questions.

Each question will have a unique code that you must input as well as your answer. These answers are auto corrected by the sheet. So make sure you ONLY input your answer. Example Question: What year was the war of 1812? Example Answer: 1812.

DO NOT put your answer in sentence format : The war was in 1812. This will produce the wrong answer.

Capitalizations do not matter for this contest.

Feel free to check the Leaderboard here: http://tinyurl.com/AQstats

Additional Notes:
You must always use the same email as this is what will be your "unique" login so that your points go to you.

Your first response is the only one that the system will accept

The Chat questions are timed and must be answered by Friday at 11PM CST

Explorelikeapirate.com questions can be answered at any time.

Good luck!

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