Non-Catholic Youth/High School Teens Survey
Pope Francis has called for a Synod (which is a gathering of bishops from all around the world) to take place in October 2018 focused on the topic of "Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment." The bishops will discuss how the Catholic Church can better support young people in living their faith and discerning their mission in life.

To help Pope Francis and the Bishops prepare for this Synod, they are asking both Catholics and non-Catholics around the world to share their experiences. Not only will your input help Pope Francis prepare for the Synod, it will also help our local Catholic Diocese of Youngstown to discern how we can better engage and support young people on their journey of faith.
Thank you for assisting us!

Where do you live?
Which best describes your school?
In what year were you born?
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How would you describe yourself?
How often do you participate in your religious community (if you have a religious community)?
What are two positive things that teens can offer the Church and/or society today?
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What are two of the biggest challenges teens are currently facing in your community?
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What groups do you think are engaging teens the best?
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What can the Catholic Church learn from these groups?
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Why do you think some teens drift away from the Church?
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Do you feel like the Catholic Church is good at listening to teens?
In what ways, if any, are you active in your Church/religious community?
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What would you like the Church to do for (or offer for) teens?
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Has your family discussed religious vocations with you?
Has anyone asked you before to go to a Catholic Mass or event sponsored by a Catholic Church?
Have considered getting married in a Church/religious house of worship?
What one thing would you want to share with Pope Francis?
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Would you be interested in learning more about youth ministries and local youth events?
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