NY State Thoracic Society Post-Test Questionnaire
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Speaker: Mark Metersky, MD
Lecture Title: Therapies in Non-CF Bronchiectasis: Where is the Evidence?
How many therapies are FDA approved for the treatment of bronchiectasis? *
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What is the only therapy for bronchiectasis supported by clear cut evidence from randomized clinical trials? *
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Speaker: Lynn Tanoue, MD
Lecture Title: What Pulmonologists Need to Know About the 8th Edition of the Lung Cancer Staging System
A 65-year-old man presents for evaluation of a right lower lobe nodule identified during evaluation for persistent cough. He otherwise feels well and has no other complaints. PMHx: 25 pack years smoking, discontinued 25 years ago. PFT: moderate obstruction to airflow; DLCO 65% predicted. Chest CT: 3.1 cm spiculated, solid right lower lobe mass without any other parenchymal findings and no mediastinal/hilar adenopathy; PET-CT: +FDG uptake in RLL mass (SUV 5.1) without any other sites of uptake; EBUS: RLL mass--poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, TTF+, EGFR/ALK -, PDL1-; stations R11, 7, R4, R2 nodes sampled with abundant lymphocytes, no tumor. Brain MRI: solitary, enhancing 10 mm lesion in the right parietal lobe with surrounding edema, suggestive of metastasis. Brain biopsy: adenocarcinoma, TTF+. What is the correct clinical stage for this patient? *
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Najib Rahman, DPhil MSc
Lecture Title: What Have We Learned From Recent RCTs in Pleural Disease?
Randomised trials in pleural infection have demonstrated that (choose all that apply): *
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Randomised trials in malignant pleural effusion have demonstrated that (choose all that apply): *
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Speaker: Thomas Bleck, MD
Lecture Title: ICU Management of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
The onset of clinical vasospasm is most closely associated with: *
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The most important factor in the diagnosis of cerebral salt wasting is: *
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Speaker: Paul Palevsky, MD
Lecture Title: Renal Replacement Therapy for AKI in the ICU: When & How?
A 57-year-old man develops oliguric acute kidney injury in the setting of septic shock from pneumonia. He is intubated, sedated and mechanically ventilated. He is initially dependent upon vasopressor support with norepinephrine and vasopressin to maintain a mean arterial pressure >60 mmHg but has now been weaned off of vasopressin and has a blood pressure of 100/50 mm Hg on 0.02 mcg/kg/min of norepinephrine. His intake and output is positive by approximately 7.5 liters since admission. Renal replacement therapy is to be initiated because of worsening azotemia, mild hyperkalemia and moderate metabolic aciodosis.Which modality of renal replacement therapy would be most likely to to allow him to be discharged from the hospital independent of chronic dialysis dependence? *
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Speaker: Steven Hollenberg, MD
Lecture Title: Technology to Predict Volume Responsiveness in the ICU: Any Clear Winners?
The goal of technologies that predict volume responsiveness is to predict that which of the following will increase after fluid administration? *
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Speaker: Nahid Bhadelia, MD, MA
Lecture Title: Improving critical care outcomes for filovirus patients in resource limited settings: Lessons from 2014 Ebola Epidemic and Beyond
What are the patient specific risk factors associated with high mortality in Ebola Virus Disease? *
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Speaker: Alan Morris, MD
Lecture Title: Extracorporeal Life Support for Hypoxic Respiratory Failure: Medical Decision-making and Replicable Method Challenges
Correctly linking clinical decisions to guidelines/evidence 99% of the time in a critical care unit was reported to assure good patient protection from harmful clinician error. *
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Extracorporeal support for severe ARDS patients *
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Speaker: Andrew Haas, MD, PhD
Lecture Title: Bronchoscopic Cryobiopsy for ILD: Why Not “Just Do It?”
Complications from cryobiopsy for diffuse parenchymal lung disease have been: *
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Speaker: Roy Brower, MD
Lecture Title: Setting Tidal Volume and PEEP in ARDS
Which of the following statements is true about tidal volumes and plateau pressures in ARDS patients? *
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Which of the following statements is true about setting PEEP in ARDS patients? *
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Speaker: Frank Detterbeck, MD
Lecture Title: Advances in the Management of Early Stage Lung Cancer
Which of the following statements is false?
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Speaker: Suhail Raoof, MD
Lecture Title: A Rational HRCT Approach to Cystic Lung Diseases
All the following are true of incidental cysts except: *
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Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia on HRCT scan may demonstrate all the following except: *
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