Volunteer Application - Watermelon Pickers' Fest 2021
Volunteer Requirements:
- 18 years of age or older, conscientious, energetic, courteous and polite.
- Most positions require you to be on your feet and active for the majority of your 8 hour shift. Please note if you are physically unable to do so.
- Applications must be submitted before September 1, 2021.

Volunteer Benefits
- All volunteers work a single eight (8) hour shift in exchange for a 3-Day GA ticket . Watermelon Pickers' Fest volunteers can enjoy the festival before and after working assigned shifts.

Volunteer Deposit
- Volunteers will be required to pay a deposit equal to the price of one 3-Day GA ticket. This deposit will be refunded upon completion of your scheduled volunteer shift. We realize this may be an inconvenience, but this is the best way to insure that volunteers show up for their shift. Your volunteer application will be considered complete upon payment of the deposit fee. A ticket purchase link will be sent to you in an email after submitting this application. After you pay the deposit you will be assigned a volunteer shift based on your application.
- You will not be assigned a volunteer shift until we receive your deposit payment.

Volunteer Check-In
- Please let the Ticket Booth staff know when you arrive. There you will receive your entry wristband. Volunteer Check-In is located at the Ticket Booth. All volunteers are directed to check in for their volunteer shift 30 minutes prior to their shift beginning. The Volunteer Coordinator will provide you with information/training needed to perform your volunteer duties.

What A Volunteer Needs
- Comfortable shoes, warm clothing for cool nights, rain gear insect repellent, sun block/sunscreen lotion, flashlight (if on duty at night), a friendly smile and most importantly a positive attitude.
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