2020 Northeast Permaculture Convergence :: Call for Content ::

"NEPC 2020: Where Hindsight Meetings Foresight" will be held July 24 - 26th at D Acres Organic Farm and Educational Homestead Dorchester, NH.

Use this form to propose a Convergence Session. Please provide as much detail as you can think of and we'll contact you if we have any questions. Feel free to submit this form multiple times for different ideas if you want to offer or suggest multiple sessions.

Sessions or content can be for sharing, learning, network-building, professional capacity-building, art, youth programming, entertainment, guild meetings, etc. Feel free to propose anything that would support the evolution of our regional permaculture network!

Preference will be given to convergence content that crosses barriers, creates connections, reaches out to affinity groups and enhances collaboration beyond the usual suspects. While this convergence will be open to all interested attendees, we are not actively seeking a large amount of "beginning permaculture" content. This convergence is more about taking us to the next level.

As a general rule...

- Friday July 24th is arrival day, with lots of fun planned for the evening. While this has traditionally been the day for field trips, due to the nature of the site we're looking to do something different this time around.

- Saturday July 25 will contain the bulk of the sessions.

- Sunday July 26 before lunch will focus more on network-building, open space, and affinity group work.

Early Deadline: January 15, 2020 Final Deadline: TBD

Those who submit proposals before the early deadline will receive priority on space and technology needs.
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