PaRAED Study: Patient Reasons for Attendance at Emergency Departments
Survey of patient reasons for attendance at Emergency Services and awareness of availability and accessibility of other services
Was the patient an adult or child?
What hospital department did you attend?
What is the Study Number at the top of your questionnaire?
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1. Did you (or child/dependent) see:
2. How long did you have to wait before you were seen by someone who treated you (or child/dependent)? (minutes)
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3. How satisfied are you with the following: Please tick a box for each line
Not satisfied at all
Not very satisfied
Fairly satisfied
Very satisfied
The attitude of the receptionist?
The time you had to wait before you saw a nurse or doctor?
The attitude of the nurse or doctor?
The explanation the nurse or doctor gave you about your problem?
The treatment or advice you were given?
Overall, how satisfied were you with the service you received?
When you (or child/dependent)saw the nurse or doctor, were you: Please tick all that apply
After you have seen the nurse/doctor, please describe what health problem you (or child/dependent) have been told you have/are likely to have? (Please describe)
Your answer
Now that you have seen the nurse/doctor are you able to look after the problem yourself? Please tick one
If NO, are you going to:
Would you use this ED again if you (or child/dependent) had the same or similar problem in the future?
Do you have any other comments about your visit to the A&E department today? (Please use this space to write your comments)
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Thank you for completing the survey
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