2017 WAVE Training Sessions are Completed
1. Do you know where you want to sample? Leave blank if you intend to sample at DEC recommended stream segments.
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2. By attending this training you agree to serve as a local coordinator
What this means is really up to you. Maybe you train your friends and family or maybe you coordinate a large team of volunteers in your region. If you would prefer to work alone then it is much simpler to be trained by an existing local coordinator.
3. Select which training session you would like to attend
WAVE training sessions are scheduled for May at the locations listed below. All sessions run from 9am-4pm.
4. Are you volunteering (or working) for a community or organization that is interested in water quality?
Please select which category best describes your affiliation.
Please write the name of the community or organization you are volunteering (or working) for?
You may leave this blank if you are a concerned citizen with no affiliation.
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Please describe how you or your organization intends to use the WAVE data:
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5. Please provide your contact information:
First Name
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Last Name
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Phone Number (required)
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6. May we share your contact information with other WAVE participants?
Many WAVE participants are interested in teaming up with nearby WAVErs. I will only share your contact information with specific WAVErs. I will never publish your contact information in any document or online.
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